Collaborating to Secure Our Digital Future: A Cybersecurity Partnership

Together We can Make Business secure

The Abhedit builds long-term, strategic relationships with our partners and collaborates to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Cybersecurity partner program

Abhedit has developed a network of local and global partners throughout the world. It enables us to provide our customers the fullest and most personalized responses in the field of Identity and Access Management, IoT Security solutions and Cryptographic products.

We build long term relationships with our partners allowing them to complete Abhedit offerings with their business solutions and offer their customers the best technologies on the market, with access to the most qualified expertise in the domain.

We help our partners to achieve success with their customers through dedicated training and certification programs, as well as customized support to respond to clients’ needs.

Why are Partnerships the future?

Time and again, a company falls victim to a cyber attack despite a basically good protection. The reason is usually that the company’s periphery is largely secured, but the interfaces to business partners are not adequately documented and secured. In addition, business partners usually do not maintain the same security standards, which can open gateways for third parties.
In the course of digital transformation and increasing networking, it is critical for success to classify your company’s entire value chain as a cyber ecosystem and to secure it accordingly. With our partnership model, we precisely pursue this process: We help you establish and maintain appropriate cyber security standards with your business partners.

Abhedit Principles

At Abhedit, we value the relationships we build with our partners. To that end, we created the Abhedit Program. A program that is designed to be flexible and evolve with Abhedit as we grow, and as our partners grow with us. Our goal is to encourage a sustainable partnership by driving mutual success through trust, stability, and predictability. Abhedit is committed to earning our partners’ loyalty. We earn that loyalty by leveraging our resources, tools, training, and value from our financial rewards.

A Complete Partner Experience

Built to support the full customer lifecycle and experience, the Abhedit partner Program is a unified program designed to allow the partner to thrive in their area of expertise. The program assists our partners in expanding to supplemental areas that help drive their go-to-market model. In today’s evolving world, partners have transitioned to perform many different roles in this lifecycle. No longer are they just a single partner ‘type’ but may provide multiple parts of an ecosystem. The program is structured to be flexible on how we go to market together.

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