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Why Cybersecurity Training?

Boost employees’ cybersecurity awareness with training from Abhedit security experts.

The human element

Cybersecurity awareness training is the most effective technique to instruct your staff on how to strengthen the human component of your company's security. Phishing, social engineering, insufficient network security, and remote workers in particular can make your company vulnerable to attackers.

On Demand Training

Being an online course that can be taken at any time, anywhere, and as many times as necessary, cybersecurity training is often provided on demand. Since no one learns when they are bored, effective user behaviour change requires engaging training for the learner.

Completed Annually

It is advised that training be performed at least once a year to keep personnel informed about how to defend themselves online and to make them aware of new, developing risks and attack strategies. Annual training is also required by many business compliance or insurance needs.

Know how we do it

Comprehensive Coporate Cyber Security Training by Abhedit

The apparent reason why all firms, large and small, should train personnel at all levels on the value of defending themselves and your business against “human exploitation” and cyberattacks is increased security. The empowerment you and your staff will experience will extend beyond the office by being trained on cybersecurity-related safety and best practises. Your workers will make judgements when setting up new passwords, identifying shady emails, or using the internet with confidence, you can be sure of that.

After six months, up to 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises that have been hacked fail. An international average data breach costs $3.92 million. All personnel must complete cybersecurity training in order to comply with numerous compliance laws, including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR, and CCPA, as well as various insurance requirements.


More than 90% of our customers worldwide choose VAPT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing), one of the most popular cyber security services, from Abhedit, which offers extensive technical services in India. During a penetration test, we pretend to be hackers and go far into the systems to look for flaws.

It is strongly advised to perform penetration testing to identify weaknesses and the strength of the application, which has become one of the most fundamental criteria in cyber security services.

This team is now at your disposal to thoroughly evaluate your systems and apps using the best cyber security techniques and tools.

Information Security Awareness

Examining a web application from every angle to guarantee safety.

Data Privacy Awareness

Enables businesses to identify the code’s flaws in application security.

Audit & Governance

Malicious emails are sent to employees of a company as part of a phishing evaluation.​

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