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Data Protection Officer as a Service

Sidestep the difficulty of appointing a DPO internally, and the cost of hiring, and ensure your continuous compliance and total data safety.


Your internal data privacy advisor, guiding your teams to achieve their objectives safely, and monitoring your ongoing adherence.


A representative of your data subjects – including employees, customers and audiences – and a protector of their rights.


A nominated contact point for data subjects, any relevant supervisory authorities, partners, suppliers or other third parties.

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Our approach

Our DPO As A Service offering injects privacy expertise into your business, to ensure that regulatory compliance is achieved and data is appropriately handled.

The needs of data protection are varied, so too are our DPO as a Service offerings. Whether you need a DPO, as dictated for certain organisations as set out by the GDPR, or simply an additional privacy specialist as support for your business, our approach ensures that your organisation adheres to the appropriate data privacy and IT security expectations.

Abhedit offers a wide range of services connected to our DPOaaS offering:

Know how we do it


Organisations can often find regulatory compliance with data protection to be a daunting and confusing task, as the privacy landscape is still new and ever changing. Depending on your business and organisation, your need for everyday consultation with a privacy expert may vary. However, regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of the data processing, we still see the same common challenges for many companies, being:

  • Incorrect application of regulatory frameworks, leading to increased risks.
  • A lack of appropriate training for employees within the organisation.
  • Insufficient monitoring regimes and controls within the organisation.
  • Insufficient consideration of privacy in the development of new processes or systems, and hence risks are magnified.

Data Privacy Assurance Service includes:

More than 90% of our customers worldwide choose VAPT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing), one of the most popular cyber security services, from Abhedit, which offers extensive technical services in India. During a penetration test, we pretend to be hackers and go far into the systems to look for flaws.

It is strongly advised to perform penetration testing to identify weaknesses and the strength of the application, which has become one of the most fundamental criteria in cyber security services.

This team is now at your disposal to thoroughly evaluate your systems and apps using the best cyber security techniques and tools.

Reviewing and advising on privacy policies, procedures and documentation.

Ongoing monitoring of adherence, supported by dashboard reporting.

Data protection and information security consultancy.

Advising on data protection impact assessments (DPIA), their implementation and outcomes.

Supporting your interactions with data subjects and Supervisory Authorities.

Serving as your EU Representative should you prefer or need to appoint externally.

Know how we do it

Benefits of An Outsourced Data Protection Officer

  • Helping develop a greater understanding of the requirements of higher education’s data processing
  • Meeting the independent requirements of a DPO without compromising existing internal duties or roles
  • Reducing overhead costs associated with employing an internal DPO
  • Eliminating key personal dependency risks related to an internal DPO
  • Quick access to specialized, skilled, and experienced consultants in the event of a personal data breach, supervisory authority investigation, or other privacy impact events

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