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Only a data protection consultant can advise you on how to protect a data; picture a team of consultants creating a kit to communicate all the potential problems that could arise with a data. We provide a kit with the knowledge you'll need to help you build a security framework to safeguard your data, hence safeguarding your resources and cash, as part of our consulting services.

By examining every aspect of your company, our consulting team may create an impregnable security consulting kit and produce a report of the highest calibre. Every company with digital assets needs a clever plan and efficient consulting to safeguard their most precious information both online and offline.

High-level data protection with professional data protection consultancy services

Optimal data protection administration adapted to your business

We provide customised services for your data protection needs.

About us


Your company's infrastructure can be made more resilient to threats from both within and outside with the help of Abhedit data protection services. With our knowledge and experience, we can stop data loss, stop data corruption, and stop any illegal access.Key benefits of utilising our data protection services include:

  • Leader in the market for implementing and improving data protection technology solutions.
  • experience implementing and designing cross-domain strategies for privacy compliance.
  • a track record of creating insights into sensitive data flows and personally identifiable information in order to build effective control measures and respond with the best possible technology.
  • Data-centric security approach and extensive consulting experience with top clients worldwide.
  • a database of international privacy compliance standards from the legal, regulatory, and business sectors.
  • Detailed methodology and toolkits that follow the best practises accepted by the industry.

Our Vision

Abhedit helps your organization become regulator-ready, reduce privacy risks, and value and protect digital assets.

Gain Visibility


Establish the baseline to understand potential weaknesses in your privacy program, the value and risks posed by data assets, and how sensitive data flows internally and externally :

  1. Compliance and standards-based assessments (CCPA, LGPD, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and more)
  2. Privacy internal audit
  3. Data mapping and inventory
  4. Security and privacy contract review
  5. Privacy impact assessments.
  6. Valuation of data and data protection initiatives accepted by the industry.

Develop Strategy


With adequate visibility, prioritize areas of investment to comply with privacy regulations, address third-party risk, de-identify sensitive data and respond to data breach incidents :

  1. Cross-border privacy compliance
  2. Privacy controls mapping
  3. Privacy incident response - notification, monitoring, post-breach advisory
  4. Third-party risk assessments
  5. Data de-identification

Implement Program


Use our knowledge of privacy, connections with law firms, and project management tools to put in place a tenable privacy approach and assist in keeping track of daily operations :

  1. Data subject requests
  2. Consent management framework
  3. Privacy awareness and training
  4. Data leakage prevention
  5. Privacy program management
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